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Monday, February 22, 2010


In 1979, I rented a small guest house behind a larger house on West Illinois Street in Midland, Texas. It was small and quaint with a very nice yard, but I moved out in less than a year because I was bothered so much at night by dark shadow figures. Once I awoke with the feeling that someone was standing over me and when I opened my eyes a dark shadow figure was standing beside my bed bending down to look at me then it vanished. While in the house I constantly felt as if someone was standing behind me, or I'd see a shadow walk across an open door. Another night I awoke to find a shadow standing at the foot of my bed. This one backed into a corner and squatted down as if it were trying to hide from me. It was so solid looking I turned the on the lamp beside my bed to see who it was, but no one was there. My cat slept at the food of my bed in cold weather and one night she woke me up growling at something. They never did me any harm, but I did feel like they were getting stronger. I had only mentioned it to my mother who thought it was because I'd just started taking Valium. I had a dream one night that the sheets on my bed were billowing in the air and making flapping noises. I woke myself up holding out my left hand to make them stop only to realize they weren't moving.
I finally broke down and told a friend on the phone about them and before I could get to the part about the sheets he said, "Oh, don't worry about it. As long as you don't hear wings flapping in your room you'll be OK." I got chills, and asked him what he was talking about? He said, "Wings flapping in your room are signs of demons." I was speechless and a tear ran down my cheek. Two weeks earlier a guy at work walked into my office and handed me a book. His wife had asked him to give it to me because she was worried about me. I barely knew the woman, but the book was about demons trying to possess people. I moved out soon after that.

I had no idea other people had seen anything like that and once in the mid eighties I saw an episode of the "New Twilight Zone" about "The Shadow Man". It scared me so bad I almost passed out. I've never seen them again and I pray I never do.

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